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After six years at a shop on Ditchling Road, Rule 5 Bikes has now changed how it operates. We’re in residence at Lewes Cycleshack, a great local bike shop with the right values.

Rule 5 will still offer bike servicing for all kinds of bikes, including wheel building, wheel servicing and suspension servicing.

After many years in the bicycle industry, I have gained a vast amount of experience. This has been rewarded with contracts with Mason Cycles and Reilly Cycleworks, as well as builds for numerous Transcontinental entrants including Josh Ibbet’s race winning bike. I continue to work with local clubs including Brighton Mitre, looking after time trial bikes, race bikes and the reliable mudguarded winter bikes. I can also look after your mountain bike, with the tooling and equipment to rebuild and service suspension frames and forks. I’m no stranger to dropping seatposts or striping and rebuilding disc brakes. Last summer I mechaniced for a team at Brighton Big Dog, which started the germ of an idea to get out of a shop and fix bikes outside.

If you would like more information on anything I can do for you, please contact me via email, text or call.

Paul – Rule 5 Bikes