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We want you to enjoy riding your bike and maintenance is key to this – making sure it goes when you want to go and stops when you need it to. We offer full repair and service facilities to keep you and your bike rolling safely. Our mechanics are Park Tools, ProTech and/or Cytech qualified, and we can work on most makes of bike.

Any bike bought new from us is eligible for a first free service six weeks to twelve weeks from purchase.


We offer differing levels of service. The best one for you will depend on how often you use your bike and the care and ongoing maintenance you give it. For example, if you use your bike twice a year and store it in a warm dry place then a full service may suit you, but if you’re riding 5000 miles a year in all weathers then an Ultimate Service would be a better choice, perhaps even every six months, with an Ultimate Service when you feel your bike needs it.

Regular servicing may seem expensive, but it can help to save money in the long-term. For example, swapping out a worn chain can greatly increase the life of your chainrings and cogs. Likewise, replacing worn pads on disc brakes reduces the risk of damaging the brake caliper and keeps the whole system working more efficiently.

Because we have limited workshop and storage space in our shops we ask that you give us a call to book your bike in. Typically, we should be able to give you an appointment a week hence though at busy times this may extend to a fortnight. If you need your bike for an important event then it is worth planning ahead. Please contact us on 01323 368457 and we’ll get you booked in.




Work included:

Drive chain, cassette and derailleurs lubricated & checked for wear

Cables replaced, lubricated as needed, gears adjusted

Brakes – pads replaced/adjusted as needed, calipers lubricated

Wheels & tyres checked for wear

Headset and bottom bracket checked for wear

Possible charges (labour only, parts charged):
Hydraulic brake bleed – 320 each
Headset/bottom bracket change – £15
Tyre change – £10
Bar tape/grip replace – £10

(our most popular service, recommended every 9-12 months)

Drive chain, cassette & derailleurs cleaned in parts washer & lubricated
Cables replaced, lubricated as needed – gears adjusted
Brakes – pads replaced/adjusted as needed, calipers lubricated
Wheels removed and trued, tyres inspected for wear
Headset & bottom bracket checked for wear

(Complete strip down of the bike and rebuild)

Full strip down to frame; cleaned, forks removed and cleaned
Drive chain, cassette & derailleurs cleaned in parts washer, lubricated & reinstalled
Cables replaced, lubricated as needed – gears adjusted
Brakes – pads replaced/adjusted as needed, calipers lubricated
Wheels removed and trued, bearings removed and cleaned or replaced
Tyres inspected for wear
Headset & bottom bracket removed, cleaned and re-lubricated
Suspension forks checked for wear and re-calibrated

Possible charges: Hydraulic brakebleed – £10 each (this price only if with this service)

Hydraulic brakes service £25 each, £40 pair (includes fluid) + parts extra if needed
  • Complete brake bleed
  • Pad inspection
  • Hose inspection
  • Inspect and adjust caliper alignment and function
Simple jobs
  • Basic tube change  – £10 plus cost of tube
  • Gear check (‘indexing’) for a normal bike – £10, plus cost of cable (£4) if needed
  • Cleaning drive train prior to servicing – £20
  • Tyre or tube replacement – £10 each
  • Tyre/tube replacement with hub gears – £20 each
  • Wheel build – £55
  • Wheel truing on jig – £15 (replacement spokes from £1)
  • Hub service front – £15 – Rear – £20
  • Fork fitting – £20
  • Headset service or replacement – £20
  • Suspension fork service – POA (usually sent to manufacturer)
  • Fit/replace handlebar – £20
  • Fit/replace bar tape/grips – £10
  • Fit/replace stem – £10

With every service parts aren’t included. If we recommend extra work, we’ll contact you.
Minor parts we’ll add to your bill; anything larger we’ll check with you.

Insurance Quotes

Crash / damage assessment including frame alignment check. Written quote for insurance company – £40

Whenever you bring a bike in for repair or servicing we will:

  • charge our workshop time at an industry standard rate of £60/hour  – but don’t be put off; most jobs don’t take long and we will call you if there’s a problem or we think it’ll take longer than estimated.
  • assess the bike and give you a brief verbal estimate
  • agree with you what would be acceptable to you for us to do without your further permission
  • call you if anything further is needed or unforeseen issues are found, so you have the option to proceed or cancel.

We don’t round up time or charge for unnecessary work or parts; we just ask for the time spent.