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Getting the Bike Out

I am ashamed to say that since the Utah trip back in November, my Fuel EX has been in its bag. Recent events have given me a massive nudge to get out on the Downs, and I finally put it together on the driveway the other day. It’s been a great motivator to get back on the bike and and out there, and has meant a couple of great afternoons and sunsets on the hills.

Red dust straight from Utah – can’t bring myself to wipe it off!

Straight out of the bag

Have the trails to yourself

Some great sunsets at the moment

Many of the bikes coming in for service recently have been semi-retired, and have need a good clean up and basic service – bring yours in and we’ll get it going for you. Here’s one looking a lot better after a service, cleaning of the chain and drive train, one new brake and one inner tube – everything else was fine, and the owner has what looks as good as a brand new bike!

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