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Electric Bike Security

Ebike security

How can I secure my ebike?

Ebike security is foremost in many people’s minds when buying an electric bike – ‘my ebike is expensive so how can I guard against theft?’

It’s best to concentrate on the basics when buying an electric bike and considering security. Your bike could be worth from £1,500 to even £10,000, so it’s worth protecting – many cars aren’t worth that much!

The basics:

  1. Take your battery inside with you – if you leave it on the bike it’s not only more attractive, but much easier to ride away. A thief won’t usually bother with a battery free bike which will be a heavy lump to ride, and will be hassle to find a battery and key for.
  2. Invest in a really high quality bike lock – the more you spend, etc.. Thieves can, let’s face it, get through any lock if they really want to, but it’s all about time. They don’t want to be ages sawing through a good lock – ‘in and out’ is their motto. So just make it take longer. Again, why would they bother with your tough lock when there’s 9an easier one along the street? Remember – thieves want an easy life and anything you can do to make things tricky will make them just look for a softer target.
    – Try more than one lock at a time
    – Some locks come with an alarm triggered by movement, and an app with a GPS tracker. Possibly well worth the investment. Try Alterlock
    – Bike locks do have various certification standards, for example ‘Sold Secure’ Silver and Gold locks depending on bike value. – some have a 1-10 rating within their brand.
    – You could also use a GPS tracker – you need to pay a subscription, but you’ll know where your bike is.
  3. Lock types:
    – D ring locks are very safe, probably the safest
    – Chains are also good as long as the padlock with your chain is a big, meaty one
    – Cable locks and combination locks are generally the weakest
  4. Always lock your bike to something – sound obvious? Many people don’t put the lock around something solid, like a lamp post – so the bike can just be thrown into a van in an instant. Choose something really secure. We’ve even heard of thieves cutting through the trunk of a small tree to get an ebike which was chained to it!

    Don’t put the lock through the wheel alone – they come off!


Household contents insurance

If you do nothing else, the household insurance will only cover you if your e-bike is stolen from your home or from a locked bicycle cellar. However, you have the option to extend the insurance coverage to an e-bike theft outdoors with an additional clause. One advantage of this is that you can take out insurance for all your bikes. A disadvantage is that the amount you get in case of an emergency is limited to a certain percentage of the total sum insured. For an expensive e-bike, this is usually not enough. In addition, there are often other restrictions in the fine print.

Bike insurance
The alternative to homeowner’s insurance is a special bicycle insurance, or more precisely, an insurance for e-bikes. This costs more money. In return, it offers a higher scope of benefits specifically designed for e-bikes. For example, you can insure components against theft in addition to the entire bike. In addition, many insurers offer you the option of insuring your e-bike against wear and tear and accidents, as well as a breakdown service for when you are on the road.Accessories – if you’re worried about thieves taking your lights, saddle and so on, you’ll have to take them off – although if they are held on with allen keys try Hexlox keys which prevent allen keys being used.
Busy places are generally better for parking a valuable bike. Even experienced thieves are reluctant to tamper with a bike lock in public or to carry an e-bike into a delivery van in full view of passers-by. Locks with an alarm system are also more likely to serve their purpose in busy places than in a deserted area.
Places with video surveillance, for example in front of entrances, are very well suited for parking. So take a look around to see if you can see a camera and park your bike nearby
Lighting also plays a role – criminals really do feel safer in the dark. If an e-bike is parked in the evening in a well-lit cone of a street lamp, with a bit of luck this will act as a deterrent
Park your bike in different places. Thieves will often observe your regular behaviour and you make it easier for them to plan if your e-bike is always parked in the same place.

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