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eBike trial day 23rd March 2019 – come and try one

We’re running an eBike trial day on 23rd March 2019. Come and try one – allow yourself to be impressed!

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Six reasons why an eBike would be perfect for you.

As a long-term ‘traditional’ cyclist I used to be sniffy about eBikes. Before moving to Lewes, I had only seen them at mountain bike centres, where they seemed cumbersome on the twisty trails. Fast forward a few months and I am a convert. Since working at Cycleshack I have seen so many customers taking eBikes out for a test ride and coming back smiling, laughing and saying that the experience was life-changing. Some of these people had given up cycling entirely, thinking that the hills round here meant that their days on a bike were behind them. Well, not any more…

It’s not cheating…

Let’s get one thing clear before we go any further: an eBike is not an electric moped – you still need to pedal, it’s just that the electric motor gives you a bit of confidence when you need it.

Now we’ve got that out of the way here are six reasons why an eBike might be perfect for you:

  1. eBikes make cycling possible for a range of abilities – young and old together – and people say that they find themselves getting fitter because they want to use their bikes more and more.
  2. Tranquility is on your doorstep. We have hundreds of miles of offroad, eBike-friendly, well signposted byways near Lewes. There’s no better place to explore by eBike.
  3. Parking in Lewes is difficult. Go out in your car and you might not be able to get back into your parking space. Some of our eBike customers say they haven’t moved their car for a week. Put some panniers on the eBike and your weekly shop becomes bike-able. All the short trips by car become practical by bike.
  4. By leaving your car at home you’re totally reducing harmful vehicle emissions and congestion, and Lewes becomes an even nicer place to live.
  5. If you work in Brighton commuting by eBike is very viable. Someone who tested one flew past me on the A27 cycle lane when I was out on my road bike, shouting “Sorry, I’m cheating”. I didn’t think she was cheating, I was just glad she was on a bike. She said she got to Brighton in record time and still had a good work-out.
  6. Exercise is so good for your physical and mental well-being. Being able to incorporate it in your daily life by getting out on a bike – any kind of bike – just makes you feel better about the world and your place in it.

At Cycleshack we stock two of the world’s best eBike brands – Orbea and Trek. We also have a team of local people who can advise you on the right bike for you and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

“I 100% recommend an eBike. I guarantee you will have fun and wish you’d had one sooner”  James 

We’ll leave James, one of our very happy eBike customers, to describe his experience:

“Why do I love my Trek eBike? Living near to Lewes we have the lovely Downs. I have enjoyed cycling up and down them for many years. I always loved the flat and down bits and puffed and sweated on the up bits. Having pulled my knee a few years ago on a long ride I hadn’t been out for a long time. My knee got better but I could feel it was not as strong as it used to be and was painful when going up long uphill sections. My children hired an eBike for half a day and I had a go – WOW! – we have never laughed so much – it was great fun. So, I did a lot of research and found that Trek do some great eBikes with the right power/battery/gears… and Cycleshack were able to order the exact one in and set it up.


I thought I would be cheating by using an eBike but no, it now makes riding my bike painless and fun.  I can switch off the assistance or set to a level that suits me, which means I can still puff and get fitter if I wish or tune it to what I want to do on that section of the ride – it’s amazing and so much fun to ride my bike now. I ride much more than I did before, as I know it won’t hurt my knee and I no longer fear the uphill bits. I’ve been out doing 40 mile offroad rides which is most of the day and had no issues with the battery range. Use the extra help when you need it, turn it off or down when you don’t. Lewes Cycleshack have been excellent in their help and assistance”

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