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Temptation, slippery slopes and how getting up them is easier on an eBike

This is what happened when one of our favorite customers lent his eBike to his friend. Jason “the eBiking Giant” suggested Patrick “the Muddy Cyclist” try his Trek eBike to see just how it might alter his riding experience. The answer is a “a lot”.

Patrick has been riding a mountain bike across the Downs (and many other places) since mountain bikes became a vaguely mainstream thing (which is widely accepted as being some point in the mid-1980s). He describes himself as an analog cyclist and has been wary of eBikes, viewing them, like many people, as being a bit “cheaty”.

Prepare to watch a man who didn’t want to like these new-fangled machines have his perceptions changed and witness the inner turmoil as he hates how much he likes them. Thanks to Patrick and Jason for the vlog of the demo.

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