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The best way to get a bike

It’s official – the supply of bikes has been very sporadic since the start of Covid. So here’s some advice about getting your bike:

Choose the type of bike – we’re mainly a shop selling mountain bikes, hybrids, kids’ bikes and generally mainstream bikes – not really expensive road bikes for the lycra – clad. So what do we get asked for every day?

  • Basic mountain bikes. The lowest priced mountain bike we’d ordinarily sell is a Trek Marlin, which would be £395 but the new models now will be £430 and upwards (there are different levels of Marlin). These have been sold out for a while but we do have some coming – please call.
  • Basic Hybrids – slightly more availability, but not much
  • Ebikes – these are easier to get, but of course much more expensive. Expect to pay a minimum of £2400.
  • Frog Bikes for kids – we have a few, but Frog have had more supply difficulties than most, it seems to us.

Bergamont Hybrid urban bike

Trek Bikes – one of the biggest brands

Trek Verve

Orbea ebike from Spain

Top Tips
  • Be very short or very tall – like clothing, the average sizes in the middle sell best, and the few bikes that are left are often Extra Small or XL/ XXL.
  • Pay more. Everyone who hasn’t ridden for years wants to start with a cheap bike, possibly just in case they don’t get into it, or often they haven’t bought a bike since their Raleigh in the 1980s and think bikes are still under £50! There are still some more expensive bikes around. For example, a mountain bike with front suspension for around £1500 is easier to get than a basic model. Full suspension bikes such as a Trek Fuel EX8 can be had for around £2500-£3000.
  • Go for an eBike. Although demand has risen incredibly for ebikes, if you were even vaguely thinking of one then now’s the time. As they cost a lot, fewer people are in the market for them and there is at least some availability, although some sizes can take weeks to arrive.
  • Be prepared to go for a make you haven’t heard of. A lot of brands aren’t that well known – for example we sell Bergamont bikes, really popular in Germany but quite new here and excellent quality. We also have other brands we can hunt down for you.
  • Be flexible; talk to us and let us find something for you. We have been really proactive and successful in searching for bikes for people who have often been turned away elsewhere. We will try our hardest!
  • Don’t hesitate – every day we have  calls saying, ” That bike I saw earlier today in your shop…” – inevitably it’s been sold by the time people call back. If it’s in front of you, buy it!
  • Good luck…

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